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Movi Test

We spent a couple of days chasing the sun and the bison around Jackson with everybody's favorite new toy; the Movi. We only used it in "Majestic Mode" but it was pretty majestic to be walking around in crunchy, knee deep snow and have it be this stable. I'm sure once we get the balance perfect we'll be running with it, but boy is it heavy.


Wolves With the Farm

Got to spend a few days in Idaho hanging out with the wolves. It's a little odd getting used to treating these rather large predators like dogs, being told that if the wolf tries to eat my gloves or some camera gear I should just tell it firmly NO!, Bad Wolf! Lots of fun this year hanging with the Brain Farm Wildlife crew working on their shows for Nat Geo.


Epic Quest

GE's Creative Director, Sasha Motivala was brought on to help craft the story and write for One Eyed Birds first season of Epic Quest on Outside TV. This dramatic occudrama follows the guides of Epic Quest as they keep their clients alive and having fun in crazy environments; from the mountains of Alaska, to the Savannahs of Africa.